Help! I’m Locked out of my Car! What do I do?

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December 13, 2020

Have you ever been in such a rush that you lock your keys in your car? If you’re unfortunate enough to be locked out of your car or the keys have been stolen we would always recommend calling a local car locksmith or motorbike locksmith instead of tackling this one yourself.

lost car keys locked out of vehicle
lost car keys & locked out of vehicle

No spare key and locked out of your vehicle?

Sadly when you don’t have a spare key for your vehicle and your main key is locked inside or missing, there isn’t much you can do yourself without causing serious damage to your car. It would be more convenient to call a local auto locksmith who can cut you a new key at the roadside.

Who do I call if I’m locked outside of my car/van/motorbike?

Call your nearest local auto locksmith without delay, they’re trained and certified experts who are able to enter your vehicle without causing any damage. Most importantly, once gaining access they can also cut you a new key should you need one. If you’re in the West Midlands we recommend calling Midlands Auto Locksmiths.

How much does it cost to unlock / gain entry to my vehicle?

Typically the cost to unlock your car (no-damage entry) could cost anywhere from £70 upwards, this depends entirely on the vehicle make/model as well as time-of-day & distance.

How long does it take an auto locksmith to unlock a vehicle?

Auto locksmiths work with a range of specialist software and tools that will allow them to gain entry to your locked vehicle usually within 30 minutes, again this would depend on the make/model because some manufacturers require additional measures to unlock the vehicle properly.

My car key fob isn’t working / I’ve lost my transponder, what do I do?

An auto locksmith will use specialist software issued by manufacturers that allows them to reprogram existing transponders and/or program a replacement one for you. This process can take various amounts of time from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the make/model of the vehicle.

My car keys have been stolen, what do I do?

With this unfortunate case you should remain calm, luckily enough a locksmith can unlock the vehicle if you can provide sufficient evidence that you own the vehicle which you’d like to access, usually the locksmith would require any form of ID and/or perform a registration check prior to pick locking the vehicle / cutting a new key.

If you’re based in the West Midlands think your keys/fob is missing or you can’t gain access to your car, call your local auto locksmith near you and they’ll be able to assist you right away.

We hope this article helps.

Broken or Lost Keys? Need your transponder reprogrammed?

Midlands Auto Locksmiths have been providing auto locksmith services in the West Midlands and surrounding areas for a number of years, our certified experts can help you gain access to your vehicle without any damage caused.

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